Mothers’ Union Support for the Youth Mission in This Diocese

A Week of Prayer for this Generation of Young People and the Next

Churches all over the Diocese are joining together in October 2015 for an inspiring week of prayer for the young people in their Parish, and for youth work in their Deaneries. Whilst we really hope that very many youth groups all over the Diocese will join in, we would also like to encourage those parishes that do not have young people or a youth group to participate too, as we mobilise the whole Diocese to pray.


What?              A week of prayer for young people in Peterborough Diocese

Where?           In your Parish

When?             Sunday 4th– Sunday 11th October 2015

Why?               Praying for God to resource and release His Church to reach out to young people.

Who?               Everyone. Adults, young people, youth groups, PCCs, groups and individuals

How?               You choose when you pray, where and for how long (examples below)

A Youth Group ‘Pizza Prayer Pack’ and other resources will be available

Contact?         Diocesan Youth Missioners:

Becky Wills (Northampton Archdeaconry) – 01604 887058

Chad Chadwick (Oakham Archdeaconry) – 01604887059


Some examples:

A group of men are planning to meet for a Saturday morning prayer breakfast

Some young people are planning to meet up at school at lunchtime to pray for their town.

A Mothers’ Union are dedicating part of their meeting to praying for the young people in their area.

One youth group is planning to gather together for an evening of pizza and prayer using the creative resources available in the ‘Pizza Prayer Pack’.

Several groups of young people are planning and leading prayer services in their Parishes

Plus, there will be an online prayer gathering at the end of the week (possibly a Twitter worship service?) as we bring our prayers together on Sunday 11th October.

Are you willing to join us in prayer?


What next?

  1. Discuss the idea with your Incumbent / PCC / Church leadership
  2. Decide when you are going to pray, with whom and where.
  3. Let Becky or Chad know when and where you will be praying. They will give you information and resources that you can use.
  4. Invite people to join you*.
  5. Put up posters (template available) and notices in newsletters etc.
  6. Make any final plans (e.g. Prayer resources, preparing or ordering food)

* If children or young people are participating then follow normal good practice with regards to Safeguarding (if you have any questions contact Chad or Becky or check )