Get Away From It All Holidays

Providing funding for families who wouldn’t normally be able to have a holiday.

One of the aims of the Mothers’ Union is to help support family life and a practical way in which we can do this is through the AFIA holiday scheme.

This is a countrywide project organised, supported and funded by Mothers’ Union members and is open to anyone who is in need of a holiday for health, financial or other reasons beyond their control. Some of the children have never had a holiday or ever experienced the seaside.

Applicants for an AFIA holiday do not have to be a member of a church or any organisation, but each request must be supported by a caring individual or professional who knows the family, such as a member of the clergy, MU member, doctor, health visitor or social worker.

We generally provide self-catering holidays, with families funding their own food and entertainment expenses. Many families and individuals have benefited from this scheme, which provides an opportunity for them to enjoy quality time together, relax and re-energise away from the stresses and routines of everyday life at home.

Our funds are limited, but if you know of someone who might benefit from an Away From It All holiday, please contact for further information and an application form.