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Rise Up – the Mothers’ Union Campaign Against Domestic Abuse

RISE UP Against Domestic Abuse is a Mothers’ Union campaign to raise awareness about domestic abuse. We are working with our members to ensure that as many churches as possible have information about their local domestic abuse helpline.

The letters of RISE UP stand for Respond, Inform, Support, Empower, Unite and Pray.

Mothers’ Union is a global Christian movement working with people of all faiths and none to strengthen families and advocate for change. Our 4 million members are active in 83 countries and work tirelessly to serve their communities to build a future where everyone thrives.

If someone discloses abuse to you, you should:

Respond – Respond to them by doing the following

Inform – If a person is in immediate danger, call 999. Direct the person to your county domestic abuse helpline or the Refuge 24 hour helpline on 0808 2000 247

Support – Tell the victim the abuse is not their fault

Empower – Take the person seriously, trust what they say

Unite – Listen and believe

Pray – Pray for all those affected by domestic abuse

IMPORTANT Do not tell a victim to leave.


A prayer for RISE UP

God of justice, peace and compassion,

Heavenly Father, Creator and sustainer of all,

We thank you that you gave yourself, your own Son, to give every person the opportunity to turn from darkness to the light of your presence and love.

We know that all those who endure cruelty and abuse are precious in your sight, that no tear falls without your knowledge and love, and we ask that they would know your presence, strength, comfort and wisdom – even in their fear, confusion and pain.

We commit ourselves, those who have experience of abuse, those whose loved ones have experience of abuse and those of us who enjoy safety and peace in our relationships – to RISE UP against domestic abuse in all its forms.

We pray –

for your compassion as we seek to RESPOND –

for your wisdom as we become better INFORMED –

for your gentleness as we try to SUPPORT –

for your strength as we hope to EMPOWER –

and the mark of your Holy Spirit that UNITES us together to work and PRAY unceasingly,

until situations change and freedom, life and love is restored to all.

In your dear and powerful name we cry out to you together.



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Communicate Spring 2023

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Thy Kingdom Come Service

This year’s MU Thy Kingdom Come service will be live streamed on our Facebook and YouTube at 2pm on Friday 27th May. Save the date now so you don’t miss it! You may like to watch it together with other members and friends of MU.


Mothers’ Union Annual Gathering

We are looking forward to the Annual Gathering this year, due to happen in Belfast on 23rd and 24th September. The two-day event will include a celebration service on the Friday (23rd), the main gathering during the day on Saturday and following this an evening concert (both on 24th).

Visit Belfast has released a joyful video on behalf of Mothers’ Union, welcoming everyone to the Annual Gathering. Don’t miss this chance to spend two days in this vibrant city!

All the details about the event, including a guide on how to purchase your tickets and an event pack are available on the Mothers’ Union website here.


Get Ready For Global Day

Global Day is Mothers’ Union’s response to the call for action made during 16 Days of Activism, the worldwide campaign to end violence against women and girls.

This year we are coming together on Saturday 27 November, marking it by wearing a purple scarf.

We will gather, where possible, for a three-minute silence at 1.03pm (linking to the 1 in 3 theme). We want to make this as big as we can, combining the voices of our four million members around the world – calling for action on an international scale and in the countries where we live.

For more information, visit the Global Day 2021 page on the Mothers’ Union website

In Peterborough, we are supporting a major high profile event on Saturday 27th November when we will meet in a car park near the Cathedral, march along Bridge Street alongside other agencies and hold a service/ vigil in the Cathedral at 11am. Do think about joining us, you will be most welcome.

There will be more publicity of these events nearer the time but do please promote the dates. Let’s do what we can to stop gender-based violence – No More 1 in 3.


A Beacon To Women Around The World

Mary Sumner has left behind a grand legacy, sowing the seeds of ideas that have led to a movement which now spans the globe, supporting many thousands of people each year.

Her vision was a world in which women could hold their rightful place in society. A vision of women as empowered, not only to be equal to men, but to provide firm support to each other in their roles and responsibilities.

View the Mary Sumner Day service on the following link :


Letter from the Queen

Following the death of Prince Philip in April 2021, Jill Cannings, our Diocesan President, sent a card of condolence on behalf of the members of the Mothers’ Union of Peterborough Diocese to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Please read the reply which has now been received.

The Queen is the patron of the Mothers’ Union.