Message from the President Elect, Jill Cannings

Sharing my passion for Mother’s Union – in step with God

As we prepare for the next triennial I thought I would share a little of my passion for Mothers’ Union.  I look forward to visiting branches and attending events during my time as your President, and sharing stories together.

I often say I was “ordered” to join MU about 38 years ago by the then Branch leader.  She was a forceful and very organized person with a military background.  In fact I remain very indebted to her.  At that stage I had two young children and have memories of going along to meetings where they played.  However, when they went to school I returned to work and was no longer able to attend the day time meetings.  However, I remained a member, paying my subscription every year as I thought that MU was such an important worldwide organization supporting Christian family life.  At one point we had some evening meetings and I got more involved.  However, it was not until I retired in 2010 that I was able to take an active role.  The branch leader “saw me coming” and invited me onto the committee and very soon I took over the Uppingham branch.

When I enroll new members and read out the purpose and aims of the organization I am very pleased to be a part of it.  It seems difficult to understand why every Christian, male or female young or old, would not wish to be a member.  I am inspired by the Mary Sumner and the Mothers’ Union prayers.  But most of all I am inspired by our loving, faithful, forgiving God.  I pray that we will work together as the body of Christ serving our communities prayerfully, and when possible in action.  We all have a part to play in building God’s Kingdom.  I thank people for their support and prayers so far and look forward to the next phase as we journey together.