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Travelling Nativity Success Story

Our Mothers’ Union branch has knitted three nativity sets which go to different reception class children’s homes each night during Advent. One of the mums has videoed her son with it and this is what we’ve been sent. The mum is happy for you to use this and put it on the MU website if you like.

Our first set has been in use since 2000. As the school has grown we’ve tried to keep up. There’s a lot of sheep knitting going on!


I have been sent an adorable video of little Joseph playing with the nativity scene at home…  I hope that you can get it open to watch it!  It is so precious!

I am watching the boxes go home day in and out as I pick up and drop off at school and I just think it is so wonderful!

You ladies are really blessing the children!



[fvplayer src=”/wp-includes/images/Joseph-travelling-nativity.mp4″ width=”640″ height=”352″]