Past Events

Kettering Deanery Festival 2017

The president, Barbara Haynes, enrolled Rev. Ruth Colby from Rothwell at the Kettering Deanery Festival. Welcome, Ruth.

Past Events

16 Days Of Activism Against Gender Violence Vigil 2nd December at Saints Peter and Paul Kettering

On a cold and bright December morning 16 members of MU from Branches throughout the Diocese met for our Vigil. At 11.00 we commenced with Mary’s Story. Candles were lit, prayers said and readings but most of the time was taken up with silent prayers and thoughts. I thought during the Vigil that we were a part of the whole which would be echoed Nation and World wide. At 12.00 each one of us lit a candle and said a prayer as they were shining in our Lady Chapel.  Afterwards 13 sat down to share a fellowship lunch of home made soups and bread.

The MU display boards were fully used to give information and provide a focus for others.

I sent the 16 Days poster and the Tri-fold information leaflet to my niece’s husband who is Lead Chaplain at Durham University hospital; and received the following reply

Just a quickie from work to let you know this has proved very useful to staff including the Director of Nursing, Associate Director who looks after Safeguarding and the chaplaincy team. We’ve also put the tri-fold leaflet in the chaplaincy information boxes kept in the chapels.

Thanks again for letting us have it,



County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust


Revd. Kevin S Tromans

Lead Chaplain

Past Events

Kettering Deanery Saints and Angels

101_0425MU Kettering  – Mothers’ Union game

Meet the new member.

A different type of Beetle Drive for MU members.

We decided to have some fun at our November meeting. The game differs from a conventional Beetle Drive because “we are all heart” so to get started we need to throw a six for a heart and off we go.

If any branch is interested  I still have the poster and the game is available in a PDF file. You can contact me by phone on 01536 522269.