Past Events

Trustee Quiet Day, January 2016

To begin the new triennial the trustees met together for a quiet day in West Haddon. The conductor was Rev Mandy Cuthbertson, our diocesan chaplain.

Mandy chose the theme ‘For all that has been… thank you. For all that shall be. Yes please,’ a quote from Doug Hammerskjold.

We spent the morning quietly thinking what had gone before. The highlights of the last three years and how we could use this information to look forward to the future.

We came back together for lunch and then spent time, again quietly, thinking what we wanted from the next three years.


The next challenge was to produce a banner/collage of all our thoughts. At this stage the interaction was great as we all discussed how we could best represent all of our ideas. The results can be seen in the included pictures.


The day was brought to a close with a Eucharist with readings and prayers on the theme.

An interesting, inspiring and mostly restful day. We thank Mandy for all her thoughts and preparations.

Barbara Haynes, Diocesan President


Past Events

Mothers’ Union Quiet Day at Weedon Bec

IMG_1963About 30 members gathered together to relax and revive our spiritual life at the lovely location of Weedon Bec. The countryside is beautiful. There was a canal walk and a pocket park to explore in the quiet times, and it was soon easy to become absorbed by our thoughts and ignore the trains that I am told pass by every 3 minutes.

Archdeacon Richard led the day for us. With his short, thought provoking and sometimes humorous  sessions leading up to the quiet times he gave us lots to think about.

The sessions were entitled, “A new beginning”, “Priorities” and “Keep on keeping on “.

At lunch time we were able to catch up with old friends and loosen our tongues a little.

The day closed with worship in the church and the opportunity to join in some good M.U. singing.

We thank Archdeacon Richard for spending the day with us and for all his careful preparation. I would like to thank Sue for making all this possible and Sandy for the much needed cups of tea.

There will be a quiet evening in the north of the diocese in September with Archdeacon Gordon. I hope that I will meet lots of you there.

In this busy world it is so good to have some time out to spend with our Lord.

Barbara Haynes



Past Events

Trustees’ Quiet Day

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The trustees enjoyed an opportunity to spend time together to relax, be inspired, and to concentrate on being at one with our Lord  away from the hustle and bustle of the world. We are grateful to Graham, the vicar of West Haddon, who  led us with readings and worship.

During our quiet times activities to help our concentration were laid on by Sue Tringham whose home we met in. The artistic amongst us painted stones, coloured Celtic knots, or did drawings of the spring flowers in the garden. Some, myself included, sat quietly in the sunny garden intending to read but really managing to sit still for much longer than normal, with our thoughts. A really beneficial day for us all.

I do recommend that you all try one of our future quiet days.

The pictures show the less quiet time when we all got together for lunch, provided by Sandy and enjoyed by all.

Barbara Haynes, Diocese President

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